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Mobile Thread Repair

We can repair damaged threads on-site, saving you time and money compared to traditional repair methods.

Broken Bolt Removal

Our specialized tools and techniques allow us to safely remove broken bolts without damaging the surrounding material.

Helicoil Installation

If a threaded hole is too damaged to repair, we can install a Helicoil to provide a stronger and more reliable thread.

Stud Extraction

We can extract broken or seized studs from a variety of applications.

Thread Inserts

We can install thread inserts to repair damaged threads or improve thread strength.

Wheel Lock Nut Removal

We can remove any type of wheel lock nut, even if the key has been lost or damaged.

Broken Glow Plug Removal

We can safely and efficiently remove broken glow plugs from diesel engines of all makes and models.

Broken Spark Plug Removal

Qualified and experienced technicians who has the proper tools to remove a broken spark plugs.

Happy Customers

“For years I personally am using Auto Thread repair. I referred them to friends as well. Every time they responded on time and delivered a professional service with great satisfaction.”

Francois Fourie

“Thank you so much! Francois went out of his way to assist me late afternoon so that I could be on the road early the next morning. Super efficient team.”

Vanessa van Heerden


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